posted 07/19/2018 07:35:47 by konrad1337

I wanted to reach out and let everyone know that things are running very smoothly here at Beertendr. There hasn't been a ton of new features due to no spare time (thanks life :P), but the pool is monitored 24/7 and I check in regularly.

The pool was recently migrated to a VPS that is helped managed by Phiten. So this pool now shares the same world class infrastructure as one of the top pools, always a bonus.

If anyone has some ideas or tweaks they would like to see I am always open to suggestions. Feel free to reach out via the contact form here or twitter. Enjoy and keep mining away :).

Updated to latest MPOS
posted 06/03/2018 15:39:53 by konrad1337

Now running 1.1.0 version of MPOS, hope everyone enjoys the updates!

Adjustments to Pool Stats
posted 05/14/2018 21:55:27 by konrad1337

Updates contributor hashrates to show you your ranking if you are in the top 1000 users now. So even if you are not in the top 15, you can at least get an idea of where you are compared to the rest.


New Upgrades!
posted 03/10/2018 23:31:19 by konrad1337

The pool server is now rocking double the cores, a whopping 64 cores! We have opened up a new port to cater to the smaller devices such as odroids. 

  • The new port is running on 3401 and is recommended for really anything below 1000 H/m.
  • 3 Additional ports for those who want a fixed diff as well
  • Port 3336: 1000 → 2000 H/m with a fixed diff of 0.03
  • Port 3337: 2500 → 5500 H/m with a fixed diff of 0.1
  • Port 3338: 8000 → ∞ H/m with a fixed diff of 0.25

Another Round of Improvements
posted 02/24/2018 19:15:38 by konrad1337

Thanks to #n3rd3d I have up'd the payout structure to 150 VRM for auto and manual payouts. Keep in mind that the higher you withdraw, the higher the network fees. These are fees imposed by the network, not the pool. Also there have been mysql adjustments in hopes to making the site and cronjobs run faster.

Last but not least, I am happy to announce that after the next block found, the pool will switch over to PPLNS!!!

More new things!
posted 02/16/2018 20:15:47 by konrad1337

Enjoy a brand new coin price section!

The pool now shows the following for both Verium and Vericoin on the dashboard of the pool:
  • USD values
  • Euro values
  • Values in relation to BTC

UI Changes
posted 02/11/2018 21:46:47 by konrad1337

Miners, a couple of updates,

I have began and hopefully caught all instances of converting kH/s to H/m. Being a smaller pool this should help every one out with seeing bigger numbers. Please reach out if something seems off and I am more than happy to address. Also manual payouts have been enabled but payout fees set to a constant 0.4. Even though I discourage manual payouts since it is rougher on the pool maintainers, I am much happier giving you the option even at a higher rate versus out right disabling.

Happy Days!
posted 02/06/2018 08:10:43 by konrad1337

Now that most of the enhancements and changes are live I feel like it's even more of a time to give back. All miners, enjoy your 0.5% pool fees!!

New functions
posted 02/04/2018 18:13:18 by konrad1337

The following is now working and/or has been added to the dashboard:

  • Net hashrate is now properly working and will update every few minutes as new data comes in
  • New VRM/USD box now available on the dashboard showing live pricing compared to the dollar
  • Headers for each section (circles with image inside) that is a general network statistic is now clickable and will link you to http://veriumstats.vericoin.info/
    • Net Hashrate
    • Current block
    • Difficulty
    • Est. Difficulty Change

posted 02/01/2018 22:09:28 by konrad1337

The last round of reboots and security updates has also brought some optimizations. The pool is now running 3x more efficient then before. So lets use the extra processing to mine some more and make it hurt :) . Spread the word and/or find all the CPUs.

Also, if you hadn't noticed, the site got a new coat of paint :D

posted 01/30/2018 19:13:41 by konrad1337

The pool has spoken and PPLNS is definitely agreed upon to switch. I just wanted to post a follow up here and let everyone know that I do plan on switching but found out after the fact that there is some software limitations I will have to work through. Looks like MPOS is just old and crusty in some areas and thus doesn't play well with the latest mysql even to the point that the workaround can't fix, ie: PPLNS. I will try to tackle that over some short term amount of time but didn't want to leave everyone here hanging.

At this point it is intended to switch, but will be some time.

Potential Change in Payout
posted 01/19/2018 23:46:54 by konrad1337

We have all seen it at times where there have been users using this pool as just a another hop. Swooping in, stealing shares and then disappearing till the next round. Not only does this unbalance things for the users that are mining on here full time, but it also messes up the algorithms and causes blocks to not be found as efficiently if the hash power was constant.

So I am asking for some feedback from the users of the pool. I am thinking about switching from a PROP model to a PPLNS payout model. Please let me know what the general thoughts are before just making a decision on my own. Over the next 48hrs, I will love to hear from everyone here. Reach out via the following:

Impending Spectre Updates
posted 01/15/2018 16:59:54 by konrad1337

Patiently waiting for Spectre patches to come out from Canonical. I suspect that the new kernel patches will be out in the next few days which comes with it, another reboot of the server. I will as always, post a 24hr reminder that the server will be rebooted.

Meltdown and Spectre
posted 01/12/2018 23:52:35 by konrad1337

These are the vulnerabilities that came out recently in regards to flaws within the processors themselves. I wanted to let everyone here know that as of 2018-01-10, all provided kernel patches from Ubuntu have been applied and the server rebooted to activate said patches. Coming sometime next week will be additional patches said to be directed at fixing Spectre. There will be further updates as Ubuntu releases any information.

New day, new functionality
posted 01/12/2018 23:47:50 by konrad1337

Welcome to the new and improved way to keep up to date with the latest pool news. I will make sure to keep everyone up to date with any frontend or backend changes that are going on. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns and I will be more than happy to address.